Offshore, Nearshore, Intertidal & Onshore Site Investigations

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Creating sustainable value for our customers through dedicated surveys, advices and expertise in geo engineering to help our customers deliver feasible & sustainable projects.

More than 25 years of experience

In 2018, G-tec celebrated its 25th anniversary! 25 years in which g-tec continues to innovate in the different geophysical and geotechnical technics it offers to its customers


G-tec provides geophysical, geotechnical and environmental services for main infrastructure projects around the world.

About us


G-tec provides specialized geotechnical engineering services, as well as marine geophysical surveys and marine environmental surveys. In particular, our services are targeted to customers active in dredging, offshore renewable energy, ports & coastal development, infrastructure & civil engineering, pipelines & cables, and mining & quarries.





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G-tec Fleet

In order to optimize the service, get more flexibility in organizing projects and ensure the quality of our services, G-tec has developed a polyvalent and diversified fleet to suit survey needs and meet customers' particular demands. G-tec owns and can make available a large variety of vessels for all kind of marine projects to suite the clients' needs.