A thorough knowledge of ground conditions is an essential part of any dredging project. Whether it is capital dredging, land reclamation, trenching or even more specialized dredging projects. Geotechnical investigations provide essential knowledge of the challenges directly connected to each dredging project.

Understanding the ground conditions will directly influence the success of a dredging project, from both the Client and the Dredging Contractors perspective. The obtained geotechnical information will provide insights into the timescales for completion, technical challenges and their solutions, and the subsequent feasibility for financial success for each stakeholder. A well-planned Site Investigation program will assist in managing business risks and opportunities.

Thanks to our extensive experience within the dredging industry and successful completion of previous joint research projects, G-tec can offer a full package of geophysical and geotechnical techniques tailored to the bespoke requirements of each project tendered for.

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