Manta seabed CPT - BE

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Our Manta Seabed CPT  has a chain driven, straight rod configuration and modular ballast block arrangement enabling a range of thrust forces, 30kN to 230kN. These variable characteristics make the CPT system ideal for deployment from vessels of opportunity whereby the configuration can be adapted to suit the available deck machinery, but, more importantly the system can also be optimised to meet the Clients specifications and target requirements.

G-tec's Manta system is available for hire as a standalone system.

The Manta CPT system is a very useful tool for both geological and geotechnical site characterisation for the following applications:

  • pre- and post-dredging surveys
  • cable and pipeline route surveys
  • shallow foundation surveys
  • deep foundation surveys

Should you have a seabed CPT requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project needs.

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