Monaco Offshore Extension - MC

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In Monaco, construction works for the Portier Cove land reclamation project have started. This project is an offshore extension project expanding the Principality of Monaco by 6Ha and has been awarded to Bouyges constrution group.

 From 2014 to 2016, G-tec has contributed to several marine soil investigation campaigns in order to map the sea bed, to define the geological structures and to identify areas with increased risks of geo-hazards

The Soil investigation campaigns were carried out using seismic refraction, seismic reflection and borehole seismics, combined with side scan sonar and multibeam bathymetry. The results of the geophysical campaigns were interpreted and cross referenced with the results of geotechnical campaigns.

G-tec is proud to be part of major projects all over the world like this Monaco extension project.

Video concept by Bouygues Construction

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