RTE Interconnection - FR

Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE), the national operator of the French electricity network has the responsibility to install the interconnection of the “Yeu-Noirmoutier (YNO)” OWF and the “Dieppe-Le Tréport (DLT)” OWF with the offshore substation (OSP) and the onshore grid network.

For those projects -from 2015 to 2016- G‐tec and its partners have performed the geotechnical, topographic and geophysical studies. G-tec s.a.s. was in charge of conducting the geophysical and topographic surveys along the potential cable routes connecting the future offshore windfarm to the French continent. The aim of the geophysical survey was to investigate the seabed topography and geological conditions along these routes.

More specifically, the scope of the “geophysical route surveys” was to map the bottom area dedicated to the future cable routes by:

• Side scan sonar, multibeam echo sounder and sub bottom profiler assets

• Investigation of the landfall and seabed topography

• Identifying the nature of the seabed and investigating for obstacles

• Investigating the marine geological conditions along the cable routes from the future offshore      windfarm site

This information will be used for:

• Cable routing

• Understanding the geological conditions

The production of integrated and interpretative reports highlighted the specificities of the seabed structures, their geomorphologies and geotechnical characteristics along the routes. This integration was of high added value to our client.

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