Channel Islands Electricity Grid - GB

Chanel island electricity grid
Guernsey – Jersey

G-tec has performed a marine and land geophysical survey to support the installation of the GJ3 HVAC submarine power cable. The GJ3 cable is a new electricity supply link between the two Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey. GJ3 is a Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG) project, managed by Guernsey Electricity Limited (GEL) that is being developed for the benefit of both island communities.

A land and marine geophysical survey (MBES, SBP, SSS, topography) has been performed in order to define the most suitable cable route in terms of possible obstructions and burial.

A marine UXO seabed survey has been carried out on the final cable route with the aim to identify and map potential hazardous obstructions. The data have been acquired using the new version of the G-tec MagWing magnetometer frame. The shore landings on both islands, Havelet Bay in Guernsey and Grève de Lecq in Jersey, have been investigated with TDEM and magnetometry.

An environmental and geotechnical survey are planned early spring 2015.

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