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HR Wallingford is a UK-based company with a 70 year track record of achievement in specialist consultancy and applied research with respect to marine and fresh water environments. HR Wallingford have state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of computational modelling tools and expert staff with world-renowned skills and experience. With headquarters in the UK, HR Wallingford reaches clients and partners globally through a network of offices, agents and alliances around the world.


G-tec is a Belgian-based survey company experienced in performing geophysical, geotechnical and environmental investigations in a river, onshore and offshore context. G-tec specialises in performing measurements on site, processing the acquired data, interpreting the data from an engineering point of view and making the results available in a user-friendly (GIS) environment.

The purpose of the collaborative relationship is to offer a more complete package of services relating to underwater acoustics, covering marine fieldwork, modelling and consultancy services. G-tec is able to perform the in situ monitoring aspects while HR Wallingford undertakes detailed numerical modelling of the underwater acoustic source and transmission and is able to provide interpretation in an ecological context. Being able to offer data acquisition, numerical modelling and interpretative capabilities is viewed as a valuable addition to the services offered by both companies.

With this collaboration in place, HR Wallingford and G-tec extend their range of capabilities to continue providing optimal solutions to our clients for their projects around the globe.

HR Wallingford - G-tec

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