Magnetometric and electromagnetic survey on the “Grands-Prés” brownfield site in Belgium - Mons - BE

Grand-Prés_Mons_G-tec (Copyright SPAQuE)

G-tec has realized a magnetometric and electromagnetic survey for SPAQuE on the “Grands-Prés” brownfield site in Mons (Belgium). This site has been known to be a former oil storage depot potentially bombed during WW2 . The aim of the survey was to detect metallic objects to optimize and secure an environmental geotechnical campaign.

 All the site has been covered by complementary geophysical methods in order to map the presence of metallic objects. As expected, results show a big amount of anomalies and also highlight the basement of an old warehouse. Linear anomalies corresponding to water pipelines have been identified. The high density of anomalies is due to the presence of 3 meters of backfills containing a lot of metal scrap.

Areas with lower density of anomalies has been indicated to the client for the realization of the geotechnical campaign. All tests have been successful and there has been no contact with metallic obstructions.


Copyright Picture: SPAQuE



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