UXO seabed survey - FR

UXO seabed survey

In the spring of 2014, G-tec has performed an UXO seabed survey on the future Courseulles wind-farm site located in front of the coast of Normandy (France). The aim of the seabed survey was to identify and map potential hazardous obstructions prior to future works on site and to adapt the cable-route if necessary.

Three different techniques have been deployed; side scan sonar, multibeam echosounder and magnetometry. Due to the location of the site, a close grid has been covered. Thanks to the "MagWing", a dual vertical gradiometer frame developed by G-tec, the planning and the results have been optimized and all the milestones respected.

The good results provide the necessary information to characterize the seabed in terms of possible hazardous obstructions in order to adapt the cable-route and future works.

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