Geotechnical site investigation in Belgium - BE

Vlaamse Baaien G-tec

In 2018 the THV Baggerwerken Decloedt & Zn and GeoSea have been assigned a project for a geotechnical site investigation along the Flemish coast between Blankenberge and Knokke. This geotechnical investigation formed part of “Complex project kustvisie”.

Considering that this type of investigation is the core business of G-tec, the responsibility for the project management and execution of the project had been given to G-tec.

From the deck of Geosea’s jack-up barge “Vagant” 31 CPT’s and 18 Boreholes to 30m below seabed were undertaken at locations up to 4.5 nautical Miles from the coast in water depths varying from 3.5m to 13m.  Samples have been distributed over three labs

As a result of good coordination between all teams and subcontractors the project has been delivered both successfully and on time.