Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

The foundation of all Civil and Structural Engineering Projects is without doubt the engineering geology of the proposed project location. A thorough understanding of the geology and its influence on the detailed design development of the project is essential for the successful completion of each phase of the project – design, construction and handover.

G-tec can provide assistance at every stage of the project development starting with the preliminary and extended site investigation campaigns, followed by the determination of the environmental impact analysis, expert advice regarding geo-related engineering, construction phase support and handover.

As each project is unique, G-tec’s strength is to consider every project as normative: in-house knowledge and expertise is combined with project-specific needs in order to result in a critical investigation. Thanks to our expertise in geophysical, geotechnical and environmental aspects of ground investigation, G-tec is able to provide an integrated study that results in a better understanding of the site conditions and their impact on every project that we are engaged on.

G-tec Services Infrastructures

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