Offshore Renewable Energy

Renewable energy development campaigns require specific infrastructure engineering geology knowledge, resource analysis and environmental investigations in order to determine site conditions. This information will then be used to identify and quantify risks and opportunities for the proposed schemes.

Due to the challenging conditions encountered in the proposed locations for these schemes the sector requires specific geotechnical information for the detailed design of structures and carriers. G-tec recognised this specific requirement and has developed dedicated solutions to provide high quality services for offshore renewable energy sites and cables.

G-tec can provide geotechnical, geophysical and environmental site investigations, individually or combined into a complete package depending on the client’s requirements. These investigations include but are not limited to geotechnical site investigation, environmental impact assessment, installation monitoring, foundation and/or burial monitoring, environmental monitoring. A project specific Scope of works can be developed for each instance tailored to each individual Client’s needs.

An example of G-tecs expertise in both marine and land investigation methods would allow the provision of continuous data from the offshore construction site, along the export cable/pipeline route and through the landfall area to the proposed connection point.

Offshore Renewable Energy

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