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G-tec has a long tradition in investing in and developing innovative projects to provide cutting-edge solutions to our Clients. All employees are encouraged to participate in thinking about innovations to both optimize existing activities and to enter new lines of business in the field of geophysics, seabed clearance, geotechnics, environment, data management or inspection & visualisation.

The combination of knowledge, experience and background from G-tec’s highly-qualified personnel is the base for developing new solutions to increase performance, safety and quality of our activities.

Some innovative projects are listed below:

  • Developing own acquisition tools, e.g.:
    • “Magwing” (multiple gradiometer): resulting in stable and high-quality marine magnetometry surveys
    • Underwater Towed Seismic Refraction (UTSR): a compact DAQ system dedicated to shallow seismic refraction surveys.
  • Underwater Acoustics: developing a model to calculate the transmission losses from different types of sound sources.
  • HydroWalMap: a cartographical tool developed in GIS to visualize and process different types of data in a user-friendly web interface (honoured with an achievement award at the 2015 Esri International User Conference in San Diego).
  • Many of our techniques use dedicated home-made data acquisition and processing software. This allows for the implementation of modifications to take into account any specificities for local site conditions or results required by our Clients.
G-tec Pipelines & Cables

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