Port & Coastal Development

Port and coastal developments involve many phases of construction including the following: bulk earthwork excavation, land reclamation, onshore construction, marine construction, marine dredging, etc

G-tec can assist Clients at every stage of their project; through preliminary and extended site investigation, environmental impact analysis, geo-related engineering surveys, construction phase support and development.

An extensive sand search campaign will provide essential data to reduce land reclamation risks simply by locating suitable marine sand and gravel deposits. G-tec has developed a highly productive and reliable sand search procedure that combines geophysical and geotechnical investigation methods from our specialist Marine investigation Vessels.

Based on G-tec’s vast experience within the Civil Engineering, Construction and Dredging industry, G-tec has the specialist capabilities required to provide the full package of land and marine geophysical and geotechnical techniques tailored to each individual Client and their proposed projects.

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