Geotechnical Site Investigations are utilised to determine the actual physical characteristics and properties of the target area, ground samples are recovered ready for geotechnical testing and subsequent data analysis by specialized laboratories.

G-tec has a long history of managing and organizing onshore and offshore geotechnical investigations and the consequent “lab management” to obtain the data specified by the Client.

In 2015 G-tec launched its Multi-Purpose DPII drilling vessel Omalius with an integrated Drilling rig, Down the hole sampler, Down the hole CPT, 25tn Seabed CPT ‘Manta’ unit and a dedicated onboard laboratory. This vessel enables G-tec to undertake large and complicated geotechnical site investigation projects for any offshore renewable energy Client or Society.

As a geotechnical contractor G-tec has the expertise to utilize a large spectrum of a dedicated workforce, specialist equipment, platforms and of course our flagship vessel ‘Omalius’ for the operational recovery of soil samples.