Seabed Clearance

Presence of objects on and under the Seabed represent a risk for each marine project, being it a dredging, offshore renewable energy, pipeline laying project….

A seabed clearance campaign is indispensable for analysing and mitigating the risks for the project and personnel working on the future site caused by the presence of Unexploded ordnances, wrecks, cables, boulders …

Depending on conditions and requirements a seabed clearance campaign van consist of following packages:

  • Gradiometer -Magnetometry : MagWing®:

Detection and positioning of exposed and buried magnetic objects.

G-tec has developed a double gradiometer frame the “MagWing” which provides highly accurate positioning of the detected objects laying on and below seabed.

  • Side Scan Sonar and High Resolution Bathymetry :

Mapping of objects laying on the seabed.

  • Echoscope® and Imaging Sonar

Underwater imaging for real-time positioning of objects.

  • Drop Down Camera

Identification of seabed features and objects.

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