UXO Detection, 18 Years of Cutting Edge Innovation

G-tec has now returned from OI 2018, the world’s premier event for ocean technology and marine science where we had the opportunity to update our knowledge regarding the newest state of the art technology in marine engineering.

Innovation is an integral part of our corporate culture and a key to the success of our client’s projects, that’s why in early 2000 we developed the first draft of the vertical Gradiometry frame “MagWing”. G-tec was one of the first to propose vertical Gradiometry survey for their clients projects. We are happy to see that now this technique has become a standard in the community of Site Investigations

The impact of this success was that our competition began to propose vertical gradiometers as well, some equipment is different, some is a copy. That’s why we are continuously improving our techniques with a dedicated G-tec Research and Development department that are proud to have provided technical inspiration in the realm seabed clearance and UXO detection.

For further information concerning our innovation development, do not hesitate to contact us